NCAA to allow ads on football fields

NCAA to allow ads on football fields


The NCAA will allow commercial sponsor advertisements on football fields for regular-season games in all three divisions beginning this season, creating a new revenue stream for schools facing mounting costs in the changing college sports landscape.

The move was approved Thursday by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

Advertisements will be allowed on three spots on the field. There can be a single ad centered on the 50-yard line in addition to no more than two smaller flanking ads elsewhere. The ads could be placed on the field on a game-by-game basis or for the whole season.

The NCAA said rule change aligns regular-season games in home stadiums with already existing ad allowances for bowls and neutral-site games.

“This change allows schools to generate additional income to support student-athletes,” NCAA President Charlie Baker said. “I’m pleased that we could find flexibility within our rules to make this happen for member schools.”

Many Division I schools expect their athletic budgets to be stressed by the House v. NCAA settlement. The antitrust settlement, announced last month, would require back damages of $2.77 billion to be paid over 10 years to more than 14,000 former and current athletes who say now-defunct rules prevented them from earning money from endorsement and sponsorship deals dating to 2016. Also, beginning in 2025, each school would be permitted, but not required, to set aside up to $21 million in revenue to share with athletes each year.

June 7, 2024

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