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Athletics website Location: Syracuse, New York Colors: orange National Titles: Football (D1A/BCS/CFP): 1959 Mens Basketball: NCAA: 2003 NIT: none Womens Basketball: NCAA: none WNIT: none Baseball: no team School song: "Down the field" Out upon the gridiron stand old Syracuse, Warriors clad in orange and in blue, Fighting for the fame of Alma Mater. Soon those Crouse chimes will be ringing, Soon you'll hear those fellows singing. Onondaga's braves are out to win today, The sons of Syracuse are ready for the fray, The line holds like a wall and now the Orange has the ball, So ready for that old long yell. Rah! Rah! Rah! Down, Down the field goes old Syracuse, Just see those backs hit the line and go thro'; Down, down the field they go marching, Fighting for the Orange staunch and true. Rah! Rah! Rah! Vict'y's in sight for old Syr-a-cuse, Each loyal son knows she ne'er more will lose, For we'll fight, yes, we'll fight, and with all our might For the glory of old Syracuse.