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Coastal Carolina

Athletics website Location: Conway, South Carolina Colors: green and bronze National Titles: Football (D1A/BCS/CFP): none Mens Basketball: NCAA: none NIT: none Womens Basketball: NCAA: none WNIT: none Baseball: 2016 School song: We're the Chanticleers, tenacious and true. We'll fight until the end For CCU! We'll compete with honor. And always to win. Gather for our battle cry And then... We'll shout our colors. Go teal (Go teal!) And then we'll yell out And bronze (And bronze!) And every team will learn Coastal is number one! We're the Chanticleers- Defending the shore- Best of Carolina Since '54. Stronger than the oaks And sure as the tide, Our hearts are beating fast With Coastal pride! SOCK 'EM, BUST 'EM THAT'S OUR CUSTOM COASTAL CAROLINA