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National Champions

Season Champion Coach Record Bowl / Voted #1 By
2018 Clemson Dabo Swinney 15-0-0 won CFP Championship
2017 Alabama Nick Saban 13-1-0 won CFP Championship
2016 Clemson Dabo Swinney 14-1-0 won CFP Championship
2015 Alabama Nick Saban 14-1-0 won CFP Championship
2014 Ohio State Urban Meyer 14-1-0 won CFP Championship
2013 Florida State Jimbo Fisher 14-0-0 won BCS Championship
2012 Alabama Nick Saban 13-1-0 won BCS Championship
2011 Alabama Nick Saban 12-1-0 won BCS Championship
2010 Auburn Gene Chizik 14-0-0 won BCS Championship
2009 Alabama Nick Saban 14-0-0 won BCS Championship
2008 Florida Urban Meyer 13-1-0 won BCS Championship
2007 Louisiana State Les Miles 12-2-0 won BCS Championship
2006 Florida Urban Meyer 13-1-0 won BCS Championship
2005 Texas Mack Brown 13-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP/USA)
2004 USC Pete Carroll 13-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/USA)**
2003 USC Pete Carroll 12-1-0 won Rose Bowl (AP)
2003 Louisiana State Nick Saban 13-1-0 won Sugar Bowl (USA)
2002 Ohio State Jim Tressel 14-0-0 won Fiesta Bowl (AP/USA)
2001 Miami FL Larry Coker 12-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP/USA)
2000 Oklahoma Bob Stoops 13-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/USA)
1999 Florida State Bobby Bowden 12-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/USA)
1998 Tennessee Phillip Fulmer 13-0-0 won Fiesta Bowl (AP/USA)
1997 Nebraska Tom Osborne 13-0-0 won Orange Bowl (USA)
1997 Michigan Lloyd Carr 12-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP)
1996 Florida Steve Spurrier 12-1-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/USA)
1995 Nebraska Tom Osborne 12-0-0 won Fiesta Bowl (AP/USA)
1994 Nebraska Tom Osborne 13-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/USA)
1993 Florida State Bobby Bowden 12-1-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/USA)
1992 Alabama Gene Stallings 13-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/USA)
1991 Miami FL Dennis Erickson 12-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP)
1991 Washington Don James 12-0-0 won Rose Bowl (USA)
1990 Colorado Bill McCartney 11-1-1 won Orange Bowl (AP)
1990 Georgia Tech Bobby Ross 11-0-1 won Citrus Bowl (UPI)
1989 Miami FL Dennis Erickson 11-1-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1988 Notre Dame Lou Holtz 12-0-0 won Fiesta Bowl (AP/UPI)
1987 Miami FL Jimmy Johnson 12-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1986 Penn State Joe Paterno 12-0-0 won Fiesta Bowl (AP/UPI)
1985 Oklahoma Barry Switzer 11-1-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1984 Brigham Young LaVell Edwards 13-0-0 won Holiday Bowl (AP/UPI)
1983 Miami FL Howard Schnellenberger 11-1-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1982 Penn State Joe Paterno 11-1-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1981 Clemson Danny Ford 12-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1980 Georgia Vince Dooley 12-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1979 Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant 12-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1978 Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant 11-1-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP)
1978 USC John Robinson 12-1-0 won Rose Bowl (UPI)
1977 Notre Dame Dan Devine 11-1-0 won Cotton Bowl (AP/UPI)
1976 Pittsburgh Johnny Majors 12-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1975 Oklahoma Barry Switzer 11-1-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1974 Oklahoma Barry Switzer 11-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1974 USC John McKay 10-1-1 won Rose Bowl (UPI)
1973 Notre Dame Ara Parseghian 11-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP)
1973 Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant 11-1-0 lost Sugar Bowl (UPI)
1972 USC John McKay 12-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP/UPI)
1971 Nebraska Bob Devaney 13-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1970 Nebraska Bob Devaney 11-0-1 won Orange Bowl (AP)
1970 Texas Darrell Royal 10-1-0 lost Cotton Bowl (UPI)
1969 Texas Darrell Royal 11-0-0 won Cotton Bowl (AP/UPI)
1968 Ohio State Woody Hayes 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP/UPI)
1967 USC John McKay 10-1-0 won Rose Bowl (AP/UPI)
1966 Notre Dame Ara Parseghian 9-0-1 no bowl (AP/UPI)
1965 Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant 9-1-1 won Orange Bowl (AP)
1965 Michigan State Duffy Daughtery 10-1-0 lost Rose Bowl (UPI)
1964 Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant 10-1-0 lost Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1963 Texas Darrell Royal 11-0-0 won Cotton Bowl (AP/UPI)
1962 USC John McKay 11-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP/UPI)
1961 Alabama Paul "Bear" Bryant 11-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1960 Minnesota Murray Warmath 8-2-0 lost Rose Bowl (AP/UPI)
1959 Syracuse Ben Schwartzwalder 11-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1958 LSU Paul Dietzel 11-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP/UPI)
1957 Auburn Shug Jordan 10-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1957 Ohio State Woody Hayes 9-1-0 won Rose Bowl (UPI)
1956 Oklahoma Bud Wilkinson 10-0-0 no bowl (AP/UPI)
1955 Oklahoma Bud Wilkinson 11-0-0 won Orange Bowl (AP/UPI)
1954 Ohio State Woody Hayes 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP)
1954 UCLA Red Sanders 9-0-0 no bowl (UPI)
1953 Maryland Jim Tatum 10-1-0 lost Orange Bowl (AP)
1952 Michigan State Biggie Munn 9-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1951 Tennessee Bob Neyland 10-1-0 lost Sugar Bowl (AP)
1950 Oklahoma Bud Wilkinson 10-1-0 lost Sugar Bowl (AP)
1949 Notre Dame Frank Leahy 10-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1948 Michigan Bennie Oosterbaan 9-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1947 Notre Dame Frank Leahy 9-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1947 Michigan Fritz Crisler 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (AP)
*1946 Notre Dame Frank Leahy 8-0-1 no bowl (AP)
1945 Army Red Blaik 9-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1944 Army Red Blaik 9-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1943 Notre Dame Frank Leahy 9-1-0 no bowl (AP)
1942 Ohio State Paul Brown 9-1-0 no bowl (AP)
1941 Minnesota Bernie Bierman 8-0-0 no bowl (AP)
1940 Minnesota Bernie Bierman 8-0-0 no bowl (AP/DS)
1939 Texas A&M Homer Norton 11-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP)
1939 USC Howard Jones 8-0-2 won Rose Bowl (DS)
1938 Texas Christian Dutch Meyer 11-0-0 won Sugar Bowl (AP)
1938 Notre Dame Elmer Layden 8-1-0 no bowl (DS)
1937 Pittsburgh Jock Sutherland 9-0-1 no bowl (AP/DS)
1936 Minnesota Bernie Bierman 7-1-0 no bowl (AP/DS)
1935 Southern Methodist Matty Bell 12-1-0 lost Rose Bowl (DS)
1935 Minnesota Bernie Bierman 8-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1934 Minnesota Bernie Bierman 8-0-0 no bowl (DS/HAF)
1933 Michigan Harry Kipke 7-0-1 no bowl (DS/HAF)
1932 Michigan Harry Kipke 8-0-0 no bowl (DS)
1932 USC Howard Jones 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (HAF)
1931 USC Howard Jones 10-1-0 won Rose Bowl (DS/HAF)
1930 Notre Dame Knute Rockne 10-0-0 no bowl (DS/HAF)
1929 Notre Dame Knute Rockne 9-0-0 no bowl (DS/HAF)
1928 USC Howard Jones 9-0-1 no bowl (DS)
1928 Georgia Tech Bill Alexander 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (HAF)
1927 Illinois Bob Zuppke 7-0-1 no bowl (DS/HAF)
1926 Stanford Pop Warner 10-0-1 tied Rose Bowl (DS/HAF)
1926 Alabama Wallace Wade 9-0-1 tied Rose Bowl (HAF)
1925 Dartmouth Jesse Hawley 8-0-0 no bowl (DS)
1925 Alabama Wallace Wade 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (HAF)
1924 Notre Dame Knute Rockne 10-0-0 won Rose Bowl (DS/HAF)
1923 Illinois Bob Zuppke 8-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1922 Cornell Gil Dobie 8-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1921 Cornell Gil Dobie 8-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1920 California Andy Smith 9-0-0 won Rose Bowl (HAF)
1919 Harvard Bob Fisher 9-0-1 won Rose Bowl (HAF)
1918 Pittsburgh Pop Warner 4-1-0 no bowl (HAF)
1917 Georgia Tech John Heisman 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1916 Pittsburgh Pop Warner 8-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1915 Cornell Al Sharpe 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1914 Army Charley Daly 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1913 Harvard Percy Houghton 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1912 Harvard Percy Houghton 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1911 Princeton Bill Roper 8-0-2 no bowl (HAF)
1910 Harvard Percy Houghton 8-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1909 Yale Howard Jones 10-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1908 Pennsylvania Sol Metzger 11-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1907 Yale Bill Knox 9-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1906 Princeton Bill Roper 9-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1905 Chicago Amos Alonzo Stagg 11-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1904 Pennsylvania Carl Williams 12-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1903 Princeton Art Hillenbrand 11-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1902 Michigan Fielding Yost 11-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1901 Michigan Fielding Yost 11-0-0 won Rose Bowl (HAF)
1900 Yale Malcolm McBride 12-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1899 Harvard Benjamin H. Dibblee 10-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1898 Harvard W. Cameron Forbes 11-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1897 Pennsylvania George Woodruff 15-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1896 Princeton Garrett Cochran 10-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1895 Pennsylvania George Woodruff 14-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1894 Yale William C. Rhodes 16-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1893 Princeton Tom Trenchard (Capt.) 11-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1892 Yale Walter Camp 13-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1891 Yale Walter Camp 13-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1890 Harvard G. Stewart & G. Adams 11-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1889 Princeton Edgar Poe (Capt.) 10-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1888 Yale Walter Camp 13-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1887 Yale Harry W. Beecher (Capt.) 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1886 Yale Robert N. Corwin (Capt.) 9-0-1 no bowl (HAF)
1885 Princeton Chas. DeCamp (Capt.) 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1884 Yale Eugene L. Richards (Capt.) 9-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
1883 Yale Ray Tompkins (Capt.) 8-0-0 no bowl (HAF)
AP   Associated Press
BCS  Bowl Championship Series
CFP  College Football Playoff
DS   Dickinson System
HAF  Helms Athletic Foundation
UPI  United Press International
USA  USA Today

*selected as AP champion on a second vote after Rose Bowl 
**vacated as a result of NCAA sanctions

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  Jermaine Burton commits to LSU
  Kris Hutson commits to Oregon
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  Jaden Navarette commits to Oregon
  Jordan Botelho commits to Notre Dame
  Darius Snow commits to Michigan State
  Jalen Kimber commits to Georgia
  Mike Wyman commits to South Carolina
  Bud Clark commits to Virginia
  Dontae Manning commits to Oklahoma
  Ty'Kieast Crawford commits to Arkansas
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