Associated Press College Football All American Team

E-William Carpenter, Army
E-Monty Stickles, Notre Dame
T-Donald Floyd, Texas Christian
T-Daniel Lanphear, Wisconsin
G-Roger Davis, Syracuse
G-William Burrell, Illinois
C-Maxie Baughan, Georgia Tech
B-Richard Lucas, Penn State
B-William Cannon, Louisiana State
B-Ron Burton, Northwestern
B-Charles Flowers, Mississippi

College Football
  Keontae Jenkins commits to TCU
  Bryan Bresee commits to Clemson
  Ryan Watts commits to Oklahoma
  Akinola Ogunbiyi commits to Georgia
  Jalen Harrell commits to Florida State
  Jermaine Burton commits to LSU
  Kris Hutson commits to Oregon
  Brian Branch commits to Alabama
  Josh White commits to LSU
  Jaden Navarette commits to Oregon
  Jordan Botelho commits to Notre Dame
  Darius Snow commits to Michigan State
  Jalen Kimber commits to Georgia
  Mike Wyman commits to South Carolina
  Bud Clark commits to Virginia
  Dontae Manning commits to Oklahoma
  Ty'Kieast Crawford commits to Arkansas
  Cole Brevard commits to Penn State
  Turner Corcoran commits to Nebraska
  Lejond Cavazos commits to Ohio State
  Purdue signs Brohm to seven-year extension
  Lorando Johnson commits to LSU
  Fred Davis II commits to Clemson
  Lamar Goods commits to Kentucky
  Jadon Thompson commits to Illinois