New Mexico State football results

1943-1945 - not rated
2019-New Mexico State (Independent)
Aug. 31at Washington State (6-7)L758
Sep. 7at Alabama (11-2)L1062
Sep. 14vsSan Diego State (10-3)L1031
Sep. 21at New Mexico (2-10)L5255
Sep. 28vsFresno State (4-8)L1730
Oct. 5vsLiberty (8-5)L1320
Oct. 12at Central Michigan (8-6)L2842
Oct. 26at Georgia Southern (7-6)L741
Nov. 9at Mississippi (4-8)L341
Nov. 16vsIncarnate Word ( )W4128
Nov. 23vsTexas-El Paso (1-11)W4435
Nov. 30at Liberty (8-5)L2849
2-10-0 260492
2018-New Mexico State (Independent)
Aug. 25vsWyoming (6-6)L729
Aug. 30at Minnesota (7-6)L1048
Sep. 8at Utah State (11-2)L1360
Sep. 15vsNew Mexico (3-9)L2542
Sep. 22at Texas-El Paso (1-11)W2720
Oct. 6vsLiberty (6-6)W4941
Oct. 13at Louisiana (7-7)L3866
Oct. 20vsGeorgia Southern (10-3)L3148
Oct. 27at Texas State (3-9)L2027
Nov. 3vsAlcorn State ( )W5242
Nov. 17at Brigham Young (7-6)L1045
Nov. 24at Liberty (6-6)L2128
3-9-0 303496
2017-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Aug. 31at Arizona State (7-6)L3137
Sep. 9at New Mexico (3-9)W3028
Sep. 16vs*Troy (11-2)L2427
Sep. 23vsTexas-El Paso (0-12)W4114
Sep. 30at Arkansas (4-8)L2442
Oct. 7at *Appalachian State (9-4)L3145
Oct. 14at *Georgia Southern (2-10)W3527
Oct. 28vs*Arkansas State (7-5)L2137
Nov. 4at *Texas State (2-10)W4535
Nov. 18at *Louisiana (5-7)L3447
Nov. 25vs*Idaho (4-8)W1710
Dec. 2vs*South Alabama (4-8)W2217
Dec. 29vsUtah State (6-7)W2620at Tucson, AZArizona Bowl
7-6-0 381386
2016-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Sep. 3at Texas-El Paso (4-8)L2238
Sep. 10vsNew Mexico (9-4)W3231
Sep. 17at Kentucky (7-6)L4262
Sep. 24at *Troy (10-3)L652
Oct. 1vs*Louisiana (6-7)W3731
Oct. 15at *Idaho (9-4)L2355
Oct. 22vs*Georgia Southern (5-7)L1922
Oct. 29at Texas A&M (8-5)L1052
Nov. 12at *Arkansas State (8-5)L2241
Nov. 19vs*Texas State (2-10)W5010
Nov. 26vs*Appalachian State (10-3)L737
Dec. 3at *South Alabama (6-7)L2835
3-9-0 298466
2015-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Sep. 5at Florida (10-4)L1361
Sep. 12vs*Georgia State (6-7)L3234
Sep. 19vsTexas-El Paso (5-7)L4750
Oct. 3at New Mexico (7-6)L2938
Oct. 10at Mississippi (10-3)L352
Oct. 17at *Georgia Southern (9-4)L2656
Oct. 24vs*Troy (4-8)L752
Oct. 31vs*Idaho (4-8)W5548
Nov. 7at *Texas State (3-9)W3121
Nov. 21at *Louisiana (4-8)W3734
Nov. 28vs*Arkansas State (9-4)L2852
Dec. 5at *Louisiana-Monroe (2-11)L3542
3-9-0 343540
2014-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Aug. 28vsCal Poly-San Luis Obispo ( )W2810
Sep. 6at *Georgia State (1-11)W3431
Sep. 13at Texas-El Paso (7-6)L2442
Sep. 20vsNew Mexico (4-8)L3538
Sep. 27at Louisiana State (8-5)L763
Oct. 4vs*Georgia Southern (9-3)L2836
Oct. 11at *Troy (3-9)L2441
Oct. 18at *Idaho (1-10)L1729
Nov. 1vs*Texas State (7-5)L2937
Nov. 8vs*Louisiana (9-4)L1644
Nov. 22vs*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L1730
Nov. 29at *Arkansas State (7-6)L3568
2-10-0 294469
2013-New Mexico State (Independent)
Aug. 31at Texas (8-5)L756
Sep. 7vsMinnesota (8-5)L2144
Sep. 14vsTexas-El Paso (2-10)L2142
Sep. 21at UCLA (10-3)L1359
Sep. 28vsSan Diego State (8-5)L1626
Oct. 5at New Mexico (3-9)L1766
Oct. 19vsRice (10-4)L1945
Oct. 26vsAbilene Christian ( )W3429
Nov. 2at Louisiana (9-4)L3549
Nov. 9vsBoston College (7-6)L3448
Nov. 23at Florida Atlantic (6-6)L1055
Nov. 30vsIdaho (1-11)W2416
2-10-0 251535
2012-New Mexico State (WAC)
Aug. 30vsSacramento State ( )W4919
Sep. 8at Ohio (9-4)L2451
Sep. 15at Texas-El Paso (3-9)L2841
Sep. 22vsNew Mexico (4-9)L1427
Sep. 29vs*Texas-San Antonio (8-4)L1435
Oct. 6at *Idaho (1-11)L1826
Oct. 20at *Utah State (11-2)L741
Oct. 27vs*Louisiana Tech (9-3)L1428
Nov. 3at Auburn (3-9)L742
Nov. 10vs*San Jose State (11-2)L747
Nov. 24vsBrigham Young (8-5)L1450
Dec. 1at *Texas State (4-8)L2866
1-11-0 224473
2011-New Mexico State (WAC)
Sep. 3vsOhio (10-4)L2444
Sep. 10at Minnesota (3-9)W2821
Sep. 17vsTexas-El Paso (5-7)L1016
Sep. 24at *San Jose State (5-7)L2434
Oct. 1at New Mexico (1-11)W4228
Oct. 15vs*Idaho (2-10)W3124
Oct. 22at *Hawaii (6-7)L3445
Oct. 29vs*Nevada (7-6)L3448
Nov. 5at Georgia (10-4)L1663
Nov. 12vs*Fresno State (4-9)W4845
Nov. 19at Brigham Young (10-3)L742
Nov. 26at *Louisiana Tech (8-5)L044
Dec. 3vs*Utah State (7-6)L2124
4-9-0 319478
2010-New Mexico State (WAC)
Sep. 11vsSan Diego State (9-4)L2141
Sep. 18at Texas-El Paso (6-7)L1042
Sep. 25at Kansas (3-9)L1642
Oct. 2vs*Boise State (12-1)L059
Oct. 9vsNew Mexico (1-11)W1614
Oct. 16at *Fresno State (8-5)L1033
Oct. 23at *Idaho (6-7)L1437
Oct. 30vs*San Jose State (1-12)W2927
Nov. 6at *Utah State (4-8)L2227
Nov. 13vs*Louisiana Tech (5-7)L2041
Nov. 20at *Nevada (13-1)L652
Nov. 27vs*Hawaii (10-4)L2459
2-10-0 188474
2009-New Mexico State (WAC)
Sep. 5vs*Idaho (8-5)L621
Sep. 12vsPrairie View A&M ( )W2118
Sep. 19vsTexas-El Paso (4-8)L1238
Sep. 26at New Mexico (1-11)W2017
Oct. 3at San Diego State (4-8)L1734
Oct. 10vs*Utah State (4-8)W2017
Oct. 17at *Louisiana Tech (4-8)L745
Oct. 24vs*Fresno State (8-5)L334
Oct. 31at Ohio State (11-2)L045
Nov. 14at *Hawaii (6-7)L624
Nov. 21vs*Nevada (8-5)L2063
Nov. 28at *San Jose State (2-10)L1013
Dec. 5at *Boise State (14-0)L742
3-10-0 149411
2008-New Mexico State (WAC)
Sep. 13at Nebraska (9-4)L738
Sep. 20at Texas-El Paso (5-7)W3433
Sep. 27vsNew Mexico (4-8)L2435
Oct. 4vsAlcorn State ( )W4510
Oct. 11at *Nevada (7-6)W4845
Oct. 18vs*San Jose State (6-6)L1431
Oct. 25at *Idaho (2-10)L1420
Nov. 1vs*Boise State (12-1)L049
Nov. 8vs*Hawaii (7-7)L3042
Nov. 15at *Fresno State (7-6)L1724
Nov. 22vs*Louisiana Tech (8-5)L3135
Nov. 29at *Utah State (3-9)L247
3-9-0 266409
2007-New Mexico State (WAC)
Aug. 30vsSoutheastern Louisiana ( )W3514
Sep. 8at New Mexico (9-4)L3444
Sep. 15vsTexas-El Paso (4-8)W2924
Sep. 22at Auburn (9-4)L2055
Sep. 29vsArkansas-Pine Bluff ( )W2017
Oct. 7at *Boise State (10-3)L058
Oct. 13at *Louisiana Tech (5-7)L2122
Oct. 20vs*Idaho (1-11)W4531
Oct. 27at *Hawaii (12-1)L1350
Nov. 2vs*Nevada (6-7)L3840
Nov. 10at *San Jose State (5-7)L1751
Nov. 17vs*Utah State (2-10)L1735
Nov. 30vs*Fresno State (9-4)L2330
4-9-0 312471
2006-New Mexico State (WAC)
Aug. 31vsSoutheast Louisiana ( )W3015
Sep. 9vsNew Mexico (6-7)L2834
Sep. 16vsTexas Southern ( )W4814
Sep. 30at Texas-El Paso (5-7)L3844
Oct. 7at *Idaho (4-8)L2028
Oct. 15vs*Boise State (13-0)L2840
Oct. 21vs*Hawaii (11-3)L3049
Oct. 28at *Nevada (8-5)L2148
Nov. 4vs*San Jose State (9-4)L2131
Nov. 11at *Fresno State (4-8)L1823
Nov. 25at *Utah State (1-11)W4220
Dec. 2vs*Louisiana Tech (3-10)W5023
4-8-0 374369
2005-New Mexico State (WAC)
Sep. 3vsTexas-El Paso (8-4)L1734
Sep. 10at Colorado (7-6)L039
Sep. 17at New Mexico (6-5)L2138
Sep. 23vsCalifornia (8-4)L1341
Oct. 1at *Louisiana Tech (7-4)L1434
Oct. 8vs*Fresno State (8-5)L737
Oct. 15at *Hawaii (5-7)L2849
Oct. 29vs*Idaho (2-9)L3738
Nov. 5at *Boise State (9-4)L656
Nov. 12vs*Nevada (9-3)L2448
Nov. 19at *San Jose State (3-8)L1027
Nov. 26vs*Utah State (3-8)L2124
0-12-0 198465
2004-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Sep. 4at Arkansas (5-6)L1363
Sep. 11at California (10-2)L1441
Sep. 18vs*Troy (7-5)W2218
Sep. 25vsNew Mexico (7-5)L338
Oct. 2at Texas-El Paso (8-4)L045
Oct. 9vs*Louisiana (4-7)W3532
Oct. 23at *North Texas (7-5)L2636
Oct. 30vs*Florida International (3-7)W5631
Nov. 6vs*Middle Tennessee State (5-6)W4410
Nov. 13at *Florida Atlantic (9-3)W357
Nov. 20at *Utah State (3-8)L2534
5-6-0 273355
2003-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Aug. 31at Texas (10-3)L766
Sep. 6vsWestern New Mexico ( )W483
Sep. 13at Oregon State (8-5)L1628
Sep. 27at New Mexico (8-5)L1724
Oct. 4vs*Idaho (3-9)L3135
Oct. 11at *Middle Tennessee State (4-8)L1835
Oct. 16at *Louisiana (4-8)L2426
Oct. 25at *Louisiana-Monroe (1-11)W2114
Nov. 1vs*Arkansas State (5-7)L2428
Nov. 6vs*Utah State (3-9)W2621
Nov. 15at Arkansas (9-4)L2048
Nov. 25vs*North Texas (9-4)L1013
3-9-0 262341
2002-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Aug. 31at South Carolina (5-7)L2434
Sep. 7at California (7-5)L1334
Sep. 21vsNew Mexico (7-7)W2413
Sep. 28at Georgia (13-1)L1041
Oct. 5vsTexas-El Paso (2-10)W4914
Oct. 12vs*Louisiana (3-9)W3128
Oct. 19vs*Louisiana-Monroe (3-9)W3421
Oct. 26at *Arkansas State (6-7)W2621
Nov. 2vs*Middle Tennessee State (4-8)W2421
Nov. 9at Utah State (4-7)L3032
Nov. 16at *North Texas (8-5)L2738
Nov. 23at *Idaho (2-10)W3531
7-5-0 327328
2001-New Mexico State (Sun Belt)
Aug. 23vsLouisville (11-2)L2445at Louisville, KYJohn Thompson Classic
Sep. 1at Texas (11-2)L741
Sep. 8vsOregon State (5-6)L2227
Sep. 22at Kansas State (6-6)L064
Sep. 29at *Louisiana-Monroe (2-9)W310
Oct. 6at Tulsa (1-10)W247
Oct. 13vs*Idaho (1-10)W4639
Oct. 27at *Middle Tennessee State (8-3)L3539
Nov. 3vs*North Texas (5-7)L2022
Nov. 10vs*Arkansas State (2-9)W2817
Nov. 17at *Louisiana (3-8)W4946
Nov. 24at New Mexico (6-5)L053
5-7-0 286400
2000-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 2at South Carolina (8-4)L031
Sep. 16vsNew Mexico (5-7)L1316
Sep. 23at Georgia (8-4)L037
Sep. 30at Texas-El Paso (8-4)L3141
Oct. 7vsArmy (1-10)W4223
Oct. 14vsTulsa (5-7)W4228
Oct. 21at *Arkansas State (1-10)W3529
Oct. 28vs*Boise State (10-2)L3134
Nov. 4vs*Utah State (5-6)L3744
Nov. 11at *Idaho (5-6)L4144
Nov. 18at *North Texas (3-8)L2330
3-8-0 295357
1999-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 2vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )W737
Sep. 11at New Mexico (4-7)W3528
Sep. 18at Arizona State (6-6)W357
Sep. 25at Texas-El Paso (5-7)L2354
Oct. 2at Colorado State (8-4)L746
Oct. 9vs*Nevada (3-8)L1623
Oct. 23at Army (3-8)L1835
Oct. 30vs*Idaho (7-4)W4214
Nov. 6at *Utah State (4-7)W146
Nov. 13at *Boise State (10-3)L2645
Nov. 20vs*North Texas (2-9)W229
6-5-0 311274
1998-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 5at Texas (9-3)L3666
Sep. 12at Georgia Tech (10-2)L742
Sep. 19vsNew Mexico (3-9)W2827
Sep. 26vsTexas-El Paso (3-8)W3324
Oct. 3at Arkansas State (4-8)L3134
Oct. 10at *Nevada (6-5)W4845
Oct. 17vsColorado State (8-4)L2847
Oct. 31vs*Utah State (3-8)L2629
Nov. 7vs*Boise State (6-5)L5155
Nov. 14at *Idaho (9-3)L3236
Nov. 21at *North Texas (3-8)L1119
3-8-0 331424
1997-New Mexico State (Big West)
Aug. 30at Arizona State (9-3)L1041
Sep. 6at New Mexico (9-4)L2461
Sep. 13vsNorthridge State ( )W2818
Sep. 27at Texas-El Paso (4-7)L1624
Oct. 4vsCal Poly-San Luis Obispo ( )L3538
Oct. 11at *Boise State (4-7)L1052
Oct. 18at *Utah State (6-6)L738
Oct. 25vsArkansas State (2-9)W3420
Nov. 1vs*Nevada (5-6)L2445
Nov. 8vs*North Texas (4-7)L1526
Nov. 15vs*Idaho (5-6)L1835
2-9-0 221398
1996-New Mexico State (Big West)
Aug. 29vsNew Mexico (6-5)L728
Sep. 7at Texas (8-5)L741
Sep. 14at Texas-El Paso (2-9)L714
Sep. 21vsNorthridge State ( )L033
Sep. 28at Louisiana State (10-2)L763
Oct. 12vs*Utah State (6-5)L2153
Oct. 19at *North Texas (5-6)L013
Oct. 26vsSouthern Utah ( )W5221
Nov. 2at *Nevada (9-3)L1463
Nov. 9at *Idaho (6-5)L1934
Nov. 16vs*Boise State (2-10)L3233
1-10-0 166396
1995-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 2vsTexas-El Paso (2-10)W4517
Sep. 9vs*Nevada (9-3)L2445
Sep. 16at Georgia (6-6)L1340
Sep. 23at New Mexico (4-7)L2436
Sep. 30at Iowa (8-4)L2159
Oct. 7vs*Louisiana Tech (5-6)W4813
Oct. 14at *Louisiana (6-5)L2643
Oct. 21vs*Utah State (4-7)L1427
Nov. 4at *Pacific (3-8)W3937
Nov. 11vs*San Jose State (3-8)L3738
Nov. 18at *Nevada-Las Vegas (2-9)W5834
4-7-0 349389
1994-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 3at Florida (10-2-1)L2170
Sep. 10at Arizona (8-4)L044
Sep. 17at Texas-El Paso (3-7-1)W2322
Sep. 24vs*Arkansas State (1-10)W2417
Oct. 1vs*Nevada-Las Vegas (7-5)L2731
Oct. 8at *Northern Illinois (4-7)L2748
Oct. 15at *Nevada (9-2)L2445
Oct. 22vsNew Mexico (5-7)L3156
Nov. 5at *San Jose State (3-8)W2421
Nov. 12vs*Pacific (6-5)L1421
Nov. 19at *Utah State (3-8)L2047
3-8-0 235422
1993-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 4at Kansas State (9-2-1)L1034
Sep. 11at *Arkansas State (2-8-1)W2219
Sep. 18vsTexas-El Paso (1-11)W3114
Sep. 25at New Mexico (6-5)L742
Oct. 9vs*Northern Illinois (4-7)W2417
Oct. 16vs*San Jose State (2-9)L1352
Oct. 23at *Pacific (3-8)W2723
Oct. 30at *Nevada-Las Vegas (3-8)W5240
Nov. 6at Auburn (11-0)L1455
Nov. 13vs*Nevada (7-4)L1434
Nov. 20vs*Utah State (7-5)L1720
5-6-0 231350
1992-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 5vsWeber State ( )W3721
Sep. 12vsNew Mexico (3-8)W4239
Sep. 19at Texas-El Paso (1-10)W3024
Sep. 26at *Utah State (5-6)L2148
Oct. 3at Kansas State (5-6)L019
Oct. 10vs*Nevada-Las Vegas (6-5)W4010
Oct. 17vs*Pacific (3-8)L1749
Oct. 24at *Nevada (7-5)L2135
Oct. 31at Arizona (6-5-1)L030
Nov. 14vs*Fullerton State (2-9)W4431
Nov. 21at *San Jose State (7-4)W3424
6-5-0 286330
1991-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 14vsTexas-El Paso (4-7-1)L2122
Sep. 21at Kansas (6-5)L1454
Sep. 28at New Mexico (3-9)L1017
Oct. 5at Oregon (3-8)L629
Oct. 12vs*San Jose State (6-4-1)L1339
Oct. 19vs*Fresno State (10-2)L2842
Oct. 26at *Pacific (5-7)L2027
Nov. 2at *Fullerton State (2-9)W3512
Nov. 9vs*Long Beach State (2-9)W2824
Nov. 16at *Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L2838
Nov. 23vs*Utah State (5-6)L2146
2-9-0 224350
1990-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 1vsNew Mexico (2-10)L1229
Sep. 8at Texas-El Paso (3-8)L2427
Sep. 15at Kansas State (5-6)L752
Sep. 22at *Fresno State (8-2-1)L342
Oct. 6at *Long Beach State (6-5)L2731
Oct. 13vs*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L2024
Oct. 20at *Pacific (4-7)L2462
Oct. 27vsTulsa (3-8)L1035
Nov. 3at *Utah State (5-5-1)L1055
Nov. 10vs*San Jose State (9-2-1)L2056
Nov. 17vs*Fullerton State (1-11)W439
1-10-0 200422
1989-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 2at Oklahoma (7-4)L373
Sep. 9at New Mexico (2-10)L1345
Sep. 16vsTexas-El Paso (2-10)L2729
Sep. 23at *Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L1426
Oct. 7at *Long Beach State (4-8)L4855
Oct. 14at Tulsa (6-6)L1334
Oct. 21vs*Utah State (4-7)L1328
Oct. 28at *San Jose State (6-5)L634
Nov. 4at *Fullerton State (6-4-1)L1045
Nov. 11vs*Fresno State (11-1)L545
Nov. 18vs*Pacific (2-10)L1014
0-11-0 162428
1988-New Mexico State (Big West)
Sep. 3vs*San Jose State (4-8)L051
Sep. 10vsNew Mexico (2-10)L3436
Sep. 17at *Fresno State (10-2)L041
Sep. 24at *Utah State (4-7)L2032
Oct. 1at Kansas (1-10)W4229
Oct. 15at *Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L2028
Oct. 22vs*Fullerton State (5-6)L324
Oct. 29vsTexas-El Paso (10-3)L942
Nov. 5at Akron (5-6)L752
Nov. 12vs*Long Beach State (3-9)L1621
Nov. 19at *Pacific (2-9)L2021
1-10-0 171377
1987-New Mexico State (PCAA)
Sep. 5at Texas-El Paso (7-4)L031
Sep. 12vsNew Mexico (0-11)W1714
Sep. 26vsAngelo State ( )L1721
Oct. 3at *Pacific (4-7)L723
Oct. 10at *San Jose State (10-2)L657
Oct. 17at *Long Beach State (4-7)L633
Oct. 24vsMcNeese State ( )W3213
Oct. 31at *Fullerton State (6-6)L1448
Nov. 7vs*Utah State (5-6)L625
Nov. 14vs*Nevada-Las Vegas (5-6)L629
Nov. 21vs*Fresno State (6-5)L1034
2-9-0 121328
1986-New Mexico State (PCAA)
Aug. 30vsAngelo State ( )L1420
Sep. 6vs*Fullerton State (3-9)W2421
Sep. 13vsTexas-El Paso (4-8)L3347
Sep. 20at *Pacific (4-7)L1441
Sep. 27vsArkansas (9-3)L1142at Little Rock, AR
Oct. 4at *Utah State (3-8)L942
Oct. 11at *Fresno State (9-2)L1417
Oct. 18vs*Long Beach State (6-5)L738
Oct. 25at New Mexico (4-8)L1445
Nov. 1vs*San Jose State (10-2)L745
Nov. 15vs*Nevada-Las Vegas (6-5)L4258
1-10-0 189416
1985-New Mexico State (PCAA)
Sep. 7at *San Jose State (2-8-1)L332
Sep. 14vsNew Mexico (3-8)L2734
Sep. 21at Texas-El Paso (1-10)W2220
Sep. 28vsArkansas (10-2)L1345at Little Rock, AR
Oct. 5vs*Pacific (5-7)L1019
Oct. 19vs*Fresno State (11-0-1)L2148
Oct. 26at *Long Beach State (6-6)L1738
Oct. 31at *Nevada-Las Vegas (5-5-1)L1217
Nov. 9at *Fullerton State (6-5)L1721
Nov. 16vsWest Texas A&M (6-3-1)L2555
Nov. 23vs*Utah State (3-8)L2340
1-10-0 190369
1984-New Mexico State (PCAA)
Sep. 1at *San Jose State (6-5)L014
Sep. 8at New Mexico (4-8)L2161
Sep. 15vs*Nevada-Las Vegas (11-2)L2128
Sep. 22at Drake (4-7)L2835
Sep. 29at *Fresno State (6-6)L2453
Oct. 6vsTexas-El Paso (2-9)W2716
Oct. 13at *Pacific (4-7)L721
Oct. 20vs*Long Beach State (4-7)L1343
Oct. 26vsWest Texas A&M (3-8)L1321
Nov. 3at Wichita State (2-9)W3124
Nov. 17vs*Fullerton State (11-1)L020
2-9-0 185336
1983-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 3at Texas-El Paso (2-10)L920
Sep. 10vsLouisiana Tech ( )W157
Sep. 17at North Texas ( )L349
Sep. 24vsNew Mexico (6-6)L1031
Oct. 1at Iowa State (4-7)W2417
Oct. 8at *Tulsa (8-3)L1024
Oct. 15vs*Drake (1-10)W4223
Oct. 22at Texas-Arlington ( )L728
Oct. 29at *Southern Illinois (13-1)L341
Nov. 5vs*Wichita State (3-8)W6228
Nov. 19vs*West Texas A&M (0-10-1)W2624
5-6-0 211292
1982-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 4vsTexas-El Paso (2-10)L1720
Sep. 11at *Indiana State (5-6)L1014
Sep. 18at Nebraska (12-1)L068
Sep. 25at Colorado State (4-7)L1728
Oct. 2vs*Illinois State (2-9)W2617
Oct. 9vs*Tulsa (10-1)L1431
Oct. 16at *Wichita State (8-3)L2628
Oct. 23at New Mexico (10-1)L1466
Oct. 30vsNorthern Arizona ( )W3432
Nov. 6vsNorth Texas (2-9)W3019
Nov. 13at *West Texas A&M (3-8)L2830
3-8-0 216353
1981-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 5at Texas-El Paso (1-10)W147
Sep. 12at Texas-Arlington (6-5)L1326
Sep. 19vs*Indiana State (5-5-1)L641
Oct. 3vs*Wichita State (4-6-1)L2024
Oct. 10at North Texas (2-9)L1638
Oct. 17at *Illinois State (3-7)W2010
Oct. 24vsNew Mexico (4-7-1)L1317
Oct. 31vsWestern Illinois ( )W3124
Nov. 7at *Tulsa (6-5)L031
Nov. 14vs*Southern Illinois (7-4)L1523
Nov. 21vs*West Texas A&M (7-4)L945
3-8-0 157286
1980-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 6at Louisiana (7-4)L1214
Sep. 13vsTexas-El Paso (1-11)W63
Sep. 20vs*Southern Illinois (3-8)W1817
Sep. 27at New Mexico (4-7)L1952
Oct. 4at *West Texas A&M (5-6)L1517
Oct. 18at Texas-Arlington (3-8)W3010
Oct. 25vs*Drake (8-3)L2228
Nov. 1vsNorth Texas (6-5)L2838
Nov. 8at *Wichita State (5-5-1)T1414
Nov. 15at *Indiana State (6-5)L2833
Nov. 22vs*Tulsa (8-3)L2021
3-7-1 212247
1979-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 1vs*Wichita State (1-10)W2313
Sep. 8at *Drake (3-8)L1314
Sep. 15at Texas-El Paso (2-9)W1413
Sep. 22vs*Indiana State (8-3)L2340
Sep. 29vsNew Mexico (6-6)L1630
Oct. 6at Nebraska (10-2)L057
Oct. 13at North Texas (5-6)L721
Oct. 20vsTexas-Arlington (9-2)L1442
Nov. 3vs*West Texas A&M (5-5-1)L2154
Nov. 10at *Tulsa (6-5)L1638
Nov. 17at *Southern Illinois (8-3)L2845
2-9-0 175367
1978-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 9at *Indiana State (3-8)W149
Sep. 16vsTexas-El Paso (1-11)W3532
Sep. 23vsNorth Texas (9-2)L2122
Sep. 30at *Southern Illinois (7-4)L3943
Oct. 7vsTexas-Arlington (5-6)L1728
Oct. 14vs*Tulsa (9-2)W2320
Oct. 21at New Mexico (7-5)L2035
Oct. 28at *Wichita State (4-7)W3121
Nov. 4vs*Drake (4-7)W2120
Nov. 11at Hawaii (6-5)L2035
Nov. 25at *West Texas A&M (3-8)W3331
6-5-0 274296
1977-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 3vs*Southern Illinois (3-8)W297
Sep. 10vsArkansas (11-1)L1053at Little Rock, AR
Sep. 17vs*Wichita State (5-6)W2412
Sep. 24vs*Drake (2-9)W359
Oct. 1at Texas-El Paso (1-10)L2123
Oct. 8vs*West Texas A&M (6-4-1)L1417
Oct. 22at Texas-Arlington (5-6)W76
Oct. 29vsNew Mexico (5-7)L1335
Nov. 5at North Texas (9-2)L1745
Nov. 12at *Tulsa (3-8)L2427
Nov. 19vsIdaho ( )L4447
4-7-0 238281
1976-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 4at *Drake (1-10)W3029
Sep. 11vsTexas-El Paso (1-11)W1310
Sep. 18at Texas-Arlington (5-6)L1021
Sep. 25vsLamar (2-9)L1721
Oct. 2at *Tulsa (7-4-1)L732
Oct. 9at Idaho ( )L633
Oct. 23vsNorth Texas (6-5)L1425
Oct. 30at New Mexico (4-7)W167
Nov. 6vs*Wichita State (4-7)W266
Nov. 13at Fresno State (5-6)L044
Nov. 20vs*West Texas A&M (4-5-2)T1313
4-6-1 152241
1975-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 6vs*Drake (3-8)W1410
Sep. 13at Texas-El Paso (1-10)W3124
Sep. 20at Lamar (1-10)W1714
Sep. 27at Louisiana (6-5)L731
Oct. 4vs*Tulsa (7-4)L735
Oct. 11at *Wichita State (3-8)W2624
Oct. 18at San Diego State (8-3)L348
Oct. 25vsTexas-Arlington (4-7)W160
Nov. 8at *West Texas A&M (5-6)L1038
Nov. 15vsNorth Texas (7-4)L2024
Nov. 22vsNew Mexico (6-5)L2852
5-6-0 179300
1974-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 7at *Wichita State (1-9-1)W1312
Sep. 14vsSouthern Illinois (2-9)W289
Sep. 21at *West Texas A&M (6-5)W410
Sep. 28vsTexas-Arlington (1-10)W4214
Oct. 5vsFresno State (5-7)L79
Oct. 12vsTexas-El Paso (4-7)W1413
Oct. 19at *North Texas (2-7-2)L1924
Oct. 26vs*Drake (3-7-1)L2829
Nov. 2at New Mexico (4-6-1)L2426
Nov. 9at *Tulsa (8-3)L728
Nov. 16at San Diego State (8-2-1)L1435
5-6-0 237199
1973-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 1at *Drake (2-9)W2712
Sep. 8vsLamar (5-5)W247
Sep. 15at New Mexico (4-7)L648
Sep. 22at Colorado State (5-6)L2731
Sep. 29vs*Wichita State (4-7)W4418
Oct. 6at Texas-El Paso (0-11)W2723
Oct. 13at San Diego State (9-1-1)L027
Oct. 20at *Tulsa (6-5)L1452
Oct. 27vs*North Texas (5-5-1)L727
Nov. 3vs*West Texas A&M (2-9)W5614
Nov. 10vsUtah State (7-4)L1240
5-6-0 244299
1972-New Mexico State (MVC)
Sep. 9vsUtah State (8-3)L1448
Sep. 16at New Mexico (3-8)L2055
Sep. 23vsFresno State (6-4-1)L1749
Sep. 30at Texas-El Paso (2-8)L2021
Oct. 7vsSouthern Methodist (7-4)L655at Irving, TX
Oct. 14at *West Texas A&M (5-5)L1463
Oct. 21at Texas-Arlington (5-6)W1712
Oct. 28vs*Drake (7-5)L1028
Nov. 4vsLamar ( )L1924
Nov. 11at *North Texas (1-10)W3622
Nov. 18vs*Wichita State (6-5)L2023
2-9-0 193400
1971-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 11vsDrake (7-4)W73
Sep. 18at Utah State (8-3)L034
Sep. 25vsNorth Texas (3-8)W100
Oct. 2at Southern Methodist (4-7)L2528
Oct. 9at New Mexico (6-3-2)T3535
Oct. 16vsTexas-El Paso (5-6)L714
Oct. 23at Texas-Arlington (2-9)W206
Oct. 30vsIdaho (8-3)L1419
Nov. 6vsWest Texas A&M (2-9)W5024
Nov. 13at Wichita State (3-8)W317
Nov. 27at Colorado State (3-8)L2138
5-5-1 220208
1970-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 12vsColorado State (4-7)L928
Sep. 19vsTexas-Arlington ( )W357
Sep. 26at Southern Methodist (5-6)L2134
Oct. 3at Texas-El Paso (6-4)L1421
Oct. 10vsNorthern Arizona ( )W5713
Oct. 17at New Mexico (7-3)L1724
Oct. 24at West Texas A&M (7-3)L737
Oct. 31at North Texas (3-8)W3231
Nov. 14vsLamar ( )W6937
Nov. 28vsUtah State (5-5)L2145
4-6-0 282277
1969-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 20vsHoward Payne ( )W2114
Sep. 27at Texas-Arlington ( )W167
Oct. 4at Lamar ( )L79
Oct. 11at Wichita State (2-8)W236
Oct. 18vsNorth Texas (7-3)L1230
Oct. 25at West Texas A&M (6-4)L1617
Nov. 8at Texas-El Paso (4-6)W4138
Nov. 15at San Diego State (11-0)L2170
Nov. 22vsNew Mexico (4-6)L2124
Nov. 27vsColorado State (4-6)W2120
5-5-0 199235
1968-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 14at Utah State (7-3)L1228
Sep. 21at North Texas (8-2)L2047
Sep. 28vsTexas-Arlington ( )W2120
Oct. 5at Lamar ( )W1614
Oct. 19at Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)L1430
Oct. 26at Northern Illinois (2-8)W2713
Nov. 2vsWest Texas A&M (8-2)L1423
Nov. 9vsWichita State (0-10)W4721
Nov. 16at New Mexico (0-10)W336
Nov. 28at Louisiana Tech ( )L2442
5-5-0 228244
1967-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 16vsLamar ( )W176
Sep. 23at Texas-Arlington ( )L1415
Sep. 30vsUtah State (7-2-1)W109
Oct. 7vsNorth Texas (7-1-1)T3131
Oct. 14at Wichita State (2-7-1)W2714
Oct. 21vsWest Texas A&M (8-3)W3110
Oct. 28vsLouisiana Tech ( )W487
Nov. 4at Texas-El Paso (7-2-1)L2446
Nov. 11vsNorthern Arizona ( )W900
Nov. 18at New Mexico (1-9)W547
7-2-1 346145
1966-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 10vsHoward Payne ( )W357
Sep. 17at North Texas (8-2)L2125
Sep. 24vsTexas-Arlington ( )W2310
Oct. 1at Utah State (4-6)W237
Oct. 8vsPacific (4-7)W4923
Oct. 15vsWichita State (2-8)W4517
Oct. 22at West Texas A&M (7-3)L1417
Oct. 29at Eastern New Mexico ( )W5013
Nov. 12at New Mexico (2-8)W4712
Nov. 19at Texas-El Paso (6-4)L1428
7-3-0 321159
1965-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 18at Texas-Arlington ( )W2710
Sep. 25vsLamar ( )W2120
Oct. 2at Texas-El Paso (8-3)L621
Oct. 9at Pacific (1-8)W146
Oct. 16at Wichita State (2-7)W4520
Oct. 23at West Texas A&M (6-4)W102
Oct. 30vsEastern New Mexico ( )W417
Nov. 6at Texas Tech (8-3)L948
Nov. 13vsNew Mexico (3-7)W206
Nov. 20vsNorth Texas (3-7)W4313
8-2-0 236153
1964-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 19vsTexas-Arlington ( )W30
Sep. 26at Utah State (5-4-1)L076
Oct. 3at Florida State (9-1-1)L036
Oct. 10vsTrinity (Texas) ( )W146
Oct. 17at North Texas (2-7-1)W137
Oct. 24at New Mexico (9-2)L1418
Oct. 31at Eastern New Mexico ( )W200
Nov. 7at Lamar ( )L1421
Nov. 14vsWest Texas A&M (4-6)W400
Nov. 21vsTexas-El Paso (0-8-2)W137
6-4-0 131171
1963-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 14vsEastern New Mexico ( )W210
Sep. 28at Arizona State (8-1)L1314
Oct. 5at Texas-El Paso (3-7)L1314
Oct. 12at Trinity (Texas) ( )W408
Oct. 19vsNew Mexico (6-4)W1312
Oct. 26vsHardin-Simmons ( )L641
Nov. 2vsWichita State (7-2)L747
Nov. 9at West Texas A&M (4-4-1)T2424
Nov. 16vsUtah State (8-2)L67
Nov. 28vsSul Ross State ( )L1542
3-6-1 158209
1962-New Mexico State (Independent)
Sep. 15at New Mexico (7-2-1)L1728
Sep. 22vsPacific (5-5)W286
Sep. 29at Wisconsin (8-2)L1369
Oct. 5at Detroit Mercy (1-8)W2114
Oct. 13at Wichita State (3-7)L624
Oct. 20at West Texas A&M (9-2)L1220
Oct. 27vsNorth Texas (6-4)W4812
Nov. 3vsTrinity (Texas) ( )W2620
Nov. 10vsTexas-El Paso (4-5)L021
Nov. 17at Arizona State (7-2-1)L2045
4-6-0 191259
1961-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 16vsNorthern Arizona ( )W566
Sep. 23at New Mexico (7-4)L741
Sep. 30vsMcMurry ( )W357
Oct. 7at North Texas (5-4-1)T1414
Oct. 14vsPacific (5-4)W7019
Oct. 21at Wichita State (8-3)L2742
Oct. 28at *Texas-El Paso (3-7)W426
Nov. 4at Trinity (Texas) ( )L1417
Nov. 18vs*West Texas A&M (6-4)L2235
Nov. 25vs*Hardin-Simmons (0-10)W548
5-4-1 341195
1960-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 10vsUniversity of Mexico ( )W410
Sep. 17at Tulsa (5-5)W3818
Sep. 24vsTrinity (Texas) ( )W450
Oct. 8at New Mexico (5-5)W340
Oct. 15vsMcMurry ( )W4717
Oct. 22vsWichita State (8-2)W408
Oct. 29at *Arizona State (7-3)W2724
Nov. 12at *West Texas A&M (3-7)W3515
Nov. 19at *Hardin-Simmons (0-10)W403
Nov. 26vs*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)W2715
Dec. 31vsUtah State (9-2)W2013at El Paso, TXSun Bowl
11-0-0 394113
1959-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 12vsNorthern Arizona ( )W350
Sep. 19at New Mexico (7-3)W2912
Sep. 26at Tulsa (5-5)L2728
Oct. 3vsMcMurry ( )W4311
Oct. 10at Trinity (Texas) ( )W2018
Oct. 24at *Texas-El Paso (3-7)L1520
Oct. 31at *Arizona State (10-1)L3135
Nov. 14vs*Hardin-Simmons (3-7)W4213
Nov. 21vs*West Texas A&M (1-9)W3513
Nov. 28at University of Mexico ( )W550
Dec. 31vsNorth Texas (9-2)W288at El Paso, TXSun Bowl
8-3-0 360158
1958-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 13vsTrinity (Texas) ( )L020
Sep. 20vsNew Mexico (7-3)L716
Sep. 26vsUniversity of Mexico ( )W2814
Oct. 4at North Texas (7-2-1)L1243
Oct. 11at Western State ( )W2724
Oct. 25vs*Texas-El Paso (2-7)W1716
Nov. 1at *Arizona State (7-3)L1923
Nov. 8vsMcMurry ( )W107
Nov. 22at *West Texas A&M (1-9)L3239
Nov. 28at *Hardin-Simmons (6-5)L2026
4-6-0 172228
1957-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 21at New Mexico (4-6)L725
Sep. 28vsCal Poly-San Luis Obispo ( )L810
Oct. 5vsTexas A&M-Corpus Christi ( )W320
Oct. 19vs*West Texas A&M (7-3)L735
Oct. 26at *Texas-El Paso (6-3)L1242
Nov. 2at *Arizona State (10-0)L021
Nov. 9vsMcMurry ( )L626
Nov. 16vsNebraska-Omaha ( )W396
Nov. 23vsWestern State ( )W2621
Nov. 28at *Hardin-Simmons (5-5)L2029
3-7-0 157215
1956-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 15at Tulsa (7-2-1)L627
Sep. 22vsNew Mexico (4-6)L614
Sep. 29at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo ( )L732
Oct. 6vs*Arizona State (9-1)L728
Oct. 13vsMcMurry ( )L1314
Oct. 20at *West Texas A&M (8-2)L045
Oct. 27vs*Texas-El Paso (9-2)L751
Nov. 10at Nebraska-Omaha ( )L2021
Nov. 16vsNebraska Wesleyan ( )W466
Nov. 24vs*Hardin-Simmons (4-6)L1938
1-9-0 131276
1955-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 17at New Mexico (2-8)L714
Sep. 24vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )L1219
Oct. 1at *Hardin-Simmons (5-5)L039
Oct. 8at Howard Payne ( )L1234
Oct. 15vs*West Texas A&M (4-4-1)L632
Oct. 22vsTexas A&M-Corpus Christi ( )W197
Oct. 29at *Texas-El Paso (6-2-2)L641
Nov. 5vsAdams State ( )W478
Nov. 12vsSan Diego State ( )W266
Nov. 19at *Arizona State (8-2-1)L626
3-7-0 141226
1954-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 18at *Arizona (7-3)L058
Sep. 25vs*Hardin-Simmons (4-6)L027
Oct. 2vsSul Ross State ( )L1842at Pecos, TX
Oct. 9vsHoward Payne ( )L734
Oct. 16at *West Texas A&M (1-8)L741
Oct. 23vsSan Diego Marines ( )L733
Oct. 30vs*Texas-El Paso (8-3)L712
Nov. 13vsSouthwestern Oklahoma State ( )L1420
Nov. 20at New Mexico (5-5)L2739
0-9-0 87306
1953-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 19at Wyoming (5-4-1)L047
Sep. 26vsColorado College ( )W127
Oct. 3at *Arizona (4-5-1)L746
Oct. 10vsMcMurry ( )L1226
Oct. 17at *Texas-El Paso (8-2)L039
Oct. 24at *Texas Tech (11-1)L071
Nov. 7vsNew Mexico (5-3-1)L628
Nov. 14at *Hardin-Simmons (6-5)L039
Nov. 21vs*West Texas A&M (1-8-1)W1913
2-7-0 56316
1952-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 20vsHoward Payne ( )W207
Sep. 27at *Arizona (6-4)L1262
Oct. 4at New Mexico (7-2)L023
Oct. 11at *West Texas A&M (3-6)L745
Oct. 18vs*Texas-El Paso (5-5-1)T2020
Nov. 1at *Northern Arizona (3-4)W339
Nov. 8vsMcMurry ( )L1427
Nov. 15at Midwestern Texas State ( )L628
Nov. 27at Wichita State (3-6-1)L634
2-6-1 118255
1951-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 15at *Arizona (6-5)L1367
Sep. 22vsStephen F. Austin ( )L727
Sep. 29at *Texas-El Paso (3-7)L741
Oct. 6vs*New Mexico (4-7)L020
Oct. 12at Colorado Mines ( )L07
Oct. 20at Bradley (4-5)L634
Oct. 27at *Arizona State (6-3-1)L046
Nov. 3vs*Northern Arizona (1-7)W4812
Nov. 10vs*West Texas A&M (2-7)L2050
Nov. 17vsMcMurry ( )L1433
1-9-0 115337
1950-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 16vs*Hardin-Simmons (5-5)L048
Sep. 23at *Texas-El Paso (7-3)L040
Sep. 30vsHoward Payne ( )L633
Oct. 7at *New Mexico (2-8)L1326
Oct. 14at *Northern Arizona (2-7)W2014
Oct. 21vsNew Mexico Military ( )W277
Oct. 28at *Arizona State (9-2)L049
Nov. 11vsSouthwestern Oklahoma State ( )L1618
Nov. 18vsColorado Mines ( )L1314
2-7-0 95249
1949-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 17vsWhite Sands ( )W680
Sep. 24at *Arizona (2-7-1)L740
Sep. 30vs*New Mexico (2-8)L1314
Oct. 6vsNew Mexico Military ( )W4528
Oct. 15at San Diego State ( )L1839
Oct. 29vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )W4012
Nov. 5at *Arizona State (7-3)L3268
Nov. 12vs*Northern Arizona (1-6-1)W350
Nov. 19vsColorado State (9-1)L045
Nov. 26at *Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)L769
4-6-0 265315
1948-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 18at *Northern Arizona (4-5)L713
Sep. 25at Colorado State (8-3)L641
Oct. 2vsFort Bliss ( )W3312
Oct. 9at *New Mexico (2-9)L061
Oct. 16at Sul Ross State ( )L1247
Oct. 29vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )W260
Nov. 5vs*Arizona State (5-5)L752
Nov. 12vsFort Hays State ( )W2712
Nov. 19vsWestern State ( )L1361
Nov. 25at *Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)L792
3-7-0 138391
1947-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 19vsMcMurry ( )L722
Sep. 26at Northern Colorado ( )L1314
Oct. 3vsWestern New Mexico ( )W480
Oct. 11at *New Mexico (4-5-1)L020
Oct. 17vsSul Ross State ( )W2714
Oct. 24vs*West Texas A&M (7-4)L734
Nov. 1at *Arizona State (4-7)L1233
Nov. 8vs*Northern Arizona (1-7)W266
Nov. 22at *Texas-El Paso (5-3-1)L026
3-6-0 140169
1946-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 14vsBeaumont Hospital ( )W257
Sep. 21vsWestern New Mexico ( )W370
Sep. 28at Tulsa (9-1)L052
Oct. 12vs*New Mexico (5-5-2)L67
Oct. 19at *Northern Arizona (5-2-2)L614
Oct. 26at *West Texas A&M (5-5)L1421
Nov. 2vs*Arizona State (2-7-2)L714
Nov. 9vsSul Ross State ( )W2625
Nov. 16vsNorthern Colorado ( )W207
Nov. 28at *Texas-El Paso (3-6)W147
5-5-0 155154
1942-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 19vsWestern New Mexico ( )W276
Sep. 26at *Arizona (6-4)L053
Oct. 3vsMcMurry ( )L012
Oct. 10at *New Mexico (4-5-2)L032
Oct. 17at *Arizona State (2-8)L020
Oct. 31vs*West Texas A&M (7-2)L023
Nov. 11vsKirtland Field ( )L013
Nov. 21vs*Northern Arizona (1-5)L03
Nov. 26at *Texas-El Paso (5-4)L661
1-8-0 33223
1941-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 19vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )W520
Sep. 26vsWestern New Mexico ( )W76
Oct. 4at *Arizona (7-3)L047
Oct. 11at *West Texas A&M (8-2)L051
Oct. 18vs*Arizona State (5-5-1)L1419
Oct. 25at Bradley ( )L026
Nov. 1at *Northern Arizona (3-5)L727
Nov. 8vs*New Mexico (5-4-1)L028
Nov. 22at *Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)L1324
2-7-0 93228
1940-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 20vsWestern New Mexico ( )W120
Sep. 27vsHoward Payne ( )L010
Oct. 5at *Arizona (7-2)L041
Oct. 19at *Arizona State (7-2-2)L642
Oct. 25vs*Northern Arizona (2-6)W130
Nov. 1vsBradley ( )L714
Nov. 9at *New Mexico (5-4)L639
Nov. 23vsRedlands ( )W2514
Nov. 28at *Texas-El Paso (4-4-1)L2640
3-6-0 95200
1939-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 22vsFort Hays State ( )W337
Sep. 28at Arkansas-Monticello ( )W123
Oct. 7at *Northern Arizona (1-6-1)W2513
Oct. 14at *Arizona (6-4)L320
Oct. 20vs*Arizona State (8-2-1)L07
Nov. 4at Oklahoma State (5-4-1)L020
Nov. 10vs*New Mexico (8-2)L69
Nov. 17vsHardin-Simmons (7-1-1)L1328
Nov. 25vs*Texas-El Paso (5-4)L034
3-6-0 92141
1938-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 23vsMontana State ( )W277
Sep. 30vsCentral Arkansas ( )L612
Oct. 8at *Arizona (3-6)W76
Oct. 22at *Arizona State (3-6)W1412
Oct. 28vs*Northern Arizona (2-6-1)W340
Nov. 4vsWestern New Mexico ( )W437
Nov. 12at *New Mexico (8-3)L26
Nov. 24at *Texas-El Paso (6-3)W139
Dec. 2vsDrake (5-4-1)W2016
7-2-0 16675
1937-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 24vs*Texas-El Paso (7-1-2)W140
Oct. 1vsWestern New Mexico ( )W340
Oct. 8vs*New Mexico (4-4-1)W50
Oct. 16at *Northern Arizona (5-5)W70
Oct. 23at San Diego State ( )L020
Oct. 30at *Arizona (8-2)L1227
Nov. 13vsWestern State (5-3)W336
Nov. 25vs*Arizona State (0-8-1)W140
Dec. 4vsSanta Barbara ( )W97
7-2-0 12860
1936-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 25vsPanhandle State ( )W586
Oct. 2vsAdams State ( )W670
Oct. 9vs*Northern Arizona (3-4-1)W410
Oct. 17at New Mexico Military ( )L613
Oct. 24at *Arizona (5-2-3)L728
Oct. 31vsSan Diego State ( )T77
Nov. 7at *Arizona State (4-5)W206
Nov. 14at *New Mexico (2-7)W76
Nov. 20vsWestern New Mexico ( )W270
Nov. 26at *Texas-El Paso (5-3-1)L727
Dec. 25at Santa Barbara ( )L1425
6-4-1 261118
1935-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 28vsEastern New Mexico ( )W340
Oct. 5at *Northern Arizona (3-3-3)W70
Oct. 12at New Mexico Highlands ( )W566
Oct. 19vs*Arizona State (2-5-1)W76
Oct. 26at *Arizona (7-2)L69
Nov. 2vsNew Mexico Military ( )W477
Nov. 11vs*New Mexico (6-4)W320
Nov. 22vsWestern New Mexico ( )T00
Nov. 28vs*Texas-El Paso (1-8)W70
Jan. 1vsHardin-Simmons ( )T1414at El Paso, TXSun Bowl
7-1-2 21042
1934-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 28vsWayland ( )W520
Oct. 6vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )W590
Oct. 13vsSul Ross State ( )W130
Oct. 19vs*Northern Arizona (1-5-1)T66
Oct. 26at *Arizona (7-2-1)T00
Nov. 10vs*Arizona State (4-3-1)T77
Nov. 17at *New Mexico (8-1)L612
Nov. 26vsNew Mexico Military ( )W260
4-1-3 16925
1933-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 29vsWayland ( )W630
Oct. 6at New Mexico Highlands ( )W144
Oct. 14at *Northern Arizona (5-1)L713
Oct. 27vs*Arizona (5-3)L06
Nov. 4at Texas-El Paso ( )L09
Nov. 11at *Arizona State (3-5)L719
Nov. 18vs*New Mexico (3-4-1)L714
Nov. 30vsNew Mexico Military ( )L27
2-6-0 10072
1932-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 24vsEl Paso National Guard ( )W660
Oct. 1at San Diego Marines ( )L012
Oct. 8at *Arizona (4-5)L712
Oct. 15vsNew Mexico Tech ( )W1080
Oct. 22at *New Mexico (1-6-1)T77
Oct. 29vsTexas-El Paso ( )L631
Nov. 5vs*Arizona State (4-3-1)L67
Nov. 12vs*Northern Arizona (3-2-2)W70
Nov. 19vsNew Mexico Highlands ( )W390
Nov. 26at New Mexico Military ( )L619
4-5-1 25288
1931-New Mexico State (Border)
Sep. 19vsEl Paso National Guard ( )W130
Sep. 26at New Mexico Highlands ( )W336
Oct. 3vsTexas Tech ( )L07
Oct. 10at *Northern Arizona (3-5)L613
Oct. 17at *Arizona State (6-2)L725
Oct. 31vsEastern Arizona J.C. ( )W450
Nov. 7vs*New Mexico (3-3-1)W136
Nov. 14vsWayland ( )W206
Nov. 21at Texas-El Paso ( )L020
Nov. 28vsNew Mexico Military ( )W127
6-4-0 14990