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  TCU 82, Texas Tech 27
  Mississippi State 45, Kentucky 31
  Michigan State 35, Michigan 11
  West Virginia 34, Oklahoma State 10
  West Virginia 34, Oklahoma State 10
  Marshall 35, Florida Atlantic 16
  UCLA 40, Colorado 37
  Nebraska 42, Rutgers 24
  Kansas State 23, Texas 0
  Iowa linebacker Spearman arrested, suspended
  Oregon 59, California 41
  College Football: Week 9
  Gameday Notes: Utah will go with Wilson at QB against USC
  UConn loses senior cornerback to shoulder injury
  CFB Injury Report: Vandy QB Robinette medically cleared for Missouri

  Kentucky Wildcats TV: Robinson & Towles Post MSU
  2014-10-25 BC WIH defeats Cornell 6-2
  Georgia Tech vs Pittsburgh | 2014 ACC Football Highlights
  Coach Gundy Post Game (10.25.14)
  Power Play of the Game vs WV (10.25.14)
  Kentucky Wildcats TV: Stoops Post MSU
  RVision: @KyleFloodRU Postgame Press Conference- Nebraska
  Madison Shipman Honored at UT-Bama Game (10/25/14)
  Tennessee Women's Basketball Honored at UT-Bama Football (10/25/14)
  Gopher Football Falls in Illinois 28-24
  Shondell On Northwestern, Illinois matches
  Steven Scheu & Johnny McCrary - Missouri 24, Vanderbilt 14
  Post-Game Football Highlights vs. UMass
  Nigel Bowden - Missouri 24, Vanderbilt 14
  Georgia State Football: Postgame presser vs. Georgia Southern

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