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Virginia Tech

Athletics website Location: Blacksburg, Virginia Colors: Chicago maroon & burnt orange National Titles: Football (D1A/BCS/CFP): none Mens Basketball: NCAA: none NIT: 1973, 1995 Womens Basketball: NCAA: none WNIT: none Baseball: none School song: Techmen, we're Techmen, with spirits true and faithful Backing up our teams with hope undying; Techmen, Oh Techmen, we're out to win today, Showing pep and life with which we're trying. VP, old VP, you know our hearts are with you In our luck that never seems to die; Win or lose, we'll greet you with a glad returning -you're the pride of VPI. Just watch our men so big and active, Support the orange and maroon, LET'S GO TECH! We know our ends and backs are stronger, With winning hopes we fear defeat no longer To see our team plow through the line, boys Determined now to win or die So give a Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi! Rah Rah, Old V-P-I!