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Associated Press College Football All American Team


L-Moe Gardner, Illinois
L-Greg Mark, Miami FL
L-Odell Haggins, Florida State
L-Tim Ryan, Southern California
L-Chris Zorich, Notre Dame
LB-Keith McCants, Alabama
LB-Alfred Williams, Colorado
LB-Kanavis McGhee, Colorado
LB-Percy Snow, Michigan State
DB-LeRoy Butler, Florida State
DB-Mark Carrier, Southern California
DB-Todd Lyght, Notre Dame
DB-Tripp Welborne, Michigan
P-Tom Rouen, Colorado

WR-Clarkston Hines, Duke
WR-Terance Mathis, New Mexico
TE-Mike Busch, Iowa State
L-Doug Glaser, Nebraska
L-Bob Kula, Michigan State
L-Mohammed Elowinibi, Brigham Young
L-Jim Mabry, Arkansas
L-Joe Garten, Colorado
L-Ed King, Auburn
L-Eric Still, Tennessee
C-Jake Young, Nebraska
QB-Andre Ware, Houston
RB-Emmitt Smith, Florida
RB-Blair Thomas, Penn State
RB-Anthony Thompson, Indiana
PK-Jason Hanson, Washington State